What to do in Ardèche

The Ardèche is a department like no other. A mixture of untamed nature and villages of character, this corner of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region called “Southern Ardèche” is a great playground. The multiple hobbies There is something for all the family and all types of holidaymakers, from those who prefer cultural visits, the lounging by the river and the sportsmen in search of new challenges! So, are you ready to explore the Ardèche region and all it has to offer? Our campsite in South Ardèche gives you its best ideas for activities to do on holiday

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Contemplating waterfalls (Ray-Pic, Pissevieille, Gueule d’Enfer)

There is something fascinating about waterfalls. Thousands of litres of river water tumbling into the void with a thunderous noise are a condensation of The most beautiful waterfalls in the Ardèche are often found in basaltic environments formed by volcanoes. The most beautiful waterfalls in the Ardèche often have the particularity of flowing in basaltic environments formed by volcanoes, which gives them unparalleled beauty.

You will be speechless in front of the spectacle of the Ray-Pic, Pissevieille or Gueule d’Enfer waterfalls, whose flow, depending on the season, can be impressive.

Visit castles (Roure, Vogüé, Aubenas)

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, the Ardèche has seen many castles flourish on its territory where life has always been good.

Immerse yourself in these vestiges of a glorious past by visiting the Roure castle with its undeniable medieval origins, the Vogüé castle in Renaissance style or the one in Aubenas which combines the two periods. But these are not the only fortresses and bastides to discover in the area. Discover the most beautiful castles in the Ardèche, whether they are in ruins or to be visited with or without a guide. These historical monuments are activities adapted to all members of the family !

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Climbing at Casteljau or Pont d’Arc

As a climbing enthusiast, you probably already know that the Ardèche has many magnificent climbing spots, and there is something for everyone! From beginners to experienced climbers, you can have a great time at Casteljau or Pont d’Arc. Their efforts, in a dazzling natural setting, will be rewarded by exceptional panoramas.

The Mazet cliff is only 8 minutes walk from our campsite Mazet Plage.

To get there, simply take the road or cross the river Chassezac along the bank to the cliff and its climbing wall. The tourist office in Les Vans provides climbing guides. Discover here our top 8 climbing sites in the Ardèche!

Go hiking at the Bois de Païolive or the Mont Gerbier de Jonc

For hikers who like to walk in nature, the Bois Païolive and the Mont Gerbier de Jonc are among our favourite hiking sites.

Long walks or mountain bike rides, in a magical forest or on the side of a volcanic rock, promise you to enjoy the beauty of the southern Ardèche with a privileged status. A change of scenery is guaranteed in these exceptional natural settings which are well worth the effort!

Find here our top 10 hikes in the Ardèche!

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Fishing on the Chassezac or the Ardèche

Whether you are an inveterate or an occasional fisherman, discover the fishy waters of the Ardèche, whose reputation is well established, so that your line is bitten almost every time!

Dip your fishing rod into the Chassezac or the Ardèche river where you can catch many fish of all sizes! Trout and predator fishing are the specialities of the area. Familiarise yourself now with the most beautiful fishing routes in the Ardèche so that your holiday is as good as your catch!

Visit caves (Chauvet, Aven d’Orgnac, Pont d’Arc)

Does caving appeal to you? The Ardèche is one of those rare places with a concentration of sumptuous caves not to be missed.

Aven d’Orgnac or the Chauvet cave of Vallon Pont d’arc (ex-cavern of the Pont d’Arc) can be discovered on a guided tour or on your own. Give an almost mystical dimension to your holiday in the Ardèche by diving into its bowels. You will find prehistoric remains such as cave paintings and intriguing rock formations among the stalagmites and stalactites.

Here are the 9 must-see caves in the Ardèche!

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Canoeing down the Chassezac

Discover the heart of the Ardèche off the beaten track, on the water and having fun! Canoeing down the Chassezac is a highly recommended activity for those who want to see the country while taking on a sporting challenge!

Brave the rapids and experience great thrills while staying cool in the heart of the Ardèche countryside.

To rent canoes or find your ideal spot for canoeing in the Ardèche, follow our advice!

Canyoning (Bas Chassezac, Fustugère, Infernet..)

Are you a thrill-seeker? You’ve come to the right place! The Southern Ardèche offers several options for canyoning: the Bas Chassezac, Fustugère, Rochecolombe and many others.

Test your various physical and mental skills in a natural Eden-like setting. From beginner to experienced, there is something for everyone, even if you are travelling to the Ardèche with your family and children. You need to be in good physical condition, be able to swim and not suffer from vertigo.

Find here the 10 most beautiful sites for canyoning in the Ardèche and choose the course best suited to your profile.

Riding the train in the Ardèche

The waterfalls have something The Ardèche train is not like the others! This picturesque steam or diesel locomotive offers you the opportunity to discover the Ardèche gorges on different routes, according to the themes of the moment.

Experience a timeless journey with your family or friends during your holiday in the Ardèche and cross the sublime landscapes of this rich natural territory dotted with breathtaking cliffs and viaducts.

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Go on safari in Peaugres

Who would have thought that you could go on a safari deep in the Ardèche? This is what the zoological park of Peaugres offers to animal lovers.

The Peaugres safari is one of the most popular activities in the Ardèche, especially for children.

Be transported to distant lands as you see zebras, rhinos, antelopes, black bears and other fascinating wildlife.

Discover the river, the pool and the services of our campsite