Top 10 hikes in the Ardèche

Our Ardeche camping details here the most beautiful family hikes in the Ardeche department. We make it a point of honour to advise you on how to organise your holiday in the Ardèche Verte in the heart of nature. Thus you will find on our site, all the activities to do in Ardèche. Along the river Chassezac to the top of the Dent de Rez at more than 500 meters high, or to the top of the Mont Gerbier de Jonc… Of course, we take you through the Ardèche plateau, the Monts de l’Ardèche regional nature park and the famous Ardèche gorges, all the while passing through the woods under the shade of the trees

Get your poles, shoes and hiking bag ready; you’re in for a treat!

Vernon teats and Baumicou waterfall

This hike, starting from the commune of Vernon, makes a loop of about 7 km, for about 2 to 3 hours of walking. Very accessible, you can do it without any problem with your children. You will discover “teats”, surprising outgrowths of stone emerging from the ground, as well as a cave and its waterfall of Baumicou.


Discover the Ardèche with its restanques, caladés paths and level terraces. Chis 15 km walk (600 metres ascent) is very well signposted, is within everyone’s reach and can easily be done with the family. The departure is from the village d’Antraigues-sur-Volane. You pass through chestnut groves and past the Saint Roch chapel.

Païolive Wood

The departure is from the car park on the left of the road after the bridge, going towards Casteljau. Difficult, it is a hike of 13 km that awaits you, with a difference in altitude of 580 metres. 6 hours of walking are to be expected. Cross the bois de Païolive, for an arrival at the Chassezac river.

Caves of the Jaubernie

Start from the place called La Jaubernie, from the signpost indicating the start of the walk. Walk for 15 km on 650 metres of very gradual gradient, which makes the walk accessible. Pass through charming hamlets and discover beautiful paths before arriving at the caves which you can visit.

Gorges of the Sainte-Baume

This hike, of intermediate difficulty, can be done with the whole family in 2 hours and 35 minutes (about 6 km, 300 metres difference in altitude). Start from the medieval town of Saint-Montan and discover on your way the house of the hermit Montanus, the cave of Lourdes and superb views of the Rhône valley and Mont Ventoux.

Chaumienne Cross

The start is from a car park after crossing Mayres. Allow about 15 km of hiking on marked trails, for an easy walk. This is the ideal walk to get a fairly accurate idea of the vegetation and relief of the Ardèche. The positive difference in altitude is 1,000 metres.

Dent de Rez

Leave from the car park near the school in Gras to visit the Dent de Rez, a mountain peak culminating at 719 metres (the highest point in the southern Ardèche). The hike, of medium difficulty, takes 5 h (a little over 13 km, elevation gain of about 500 meters). It offers a breathtaking view of the mountains.

Balazuc and Estinettes cave

Starting from Balazuc, set off for a 2.10 hour easy family walk over 6.25 km, with a difference in altitude of around 150 metres. The path is partially signposted. Walk along the banks of the Ardèche river and at the end of the hike you will arrive at the Estinettes cave.

Baume Grenas

With low gradients (about 140 metres) and a distance of almost 5 km, this moderately difficult hike takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. Start at the end of the rue du Petit Bois in Ruoms and go through pretty paths leading to a cave and to the edge of the Ardèche with a panoramic view of the Cirque de Gens.

Lake of Meinettes

This hike of 3 h 30 for 11 km has a positive difference in altitude of 121 metres and a negative one of 130 metres. Park opposite the Cheminas cemetery to take a road to Théolier. Relatively easy, the walk will allow you to discover the lake of Meinettes and enjoy a nice view on the Ardèche.

Many other routes are of course accessible, such as the hike in Payzac! Would you like to know more about these walking routes? During your holidays, don’t forget to try your hand at speleology or to plunge into the geological world of the southern Ardèche by visiting the Pont d’Arc cave in Vallon Pont d’Arc !