The Chassezac Gorges

To visit the Gorges du Chassezac is to take advantage of a wilderness that is less well known than that of the Gorges de l’Ardèche, but just as rejuvenating. A natural heritage that is a must-see during your stay in the Southern Ardèche, in the same way as the Mont Gerbier de Jonc or the Vallon Pont d’Arc bald cave (listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site), the Chassezac Gorges National Nature Reserve has many surprises in store for you. Between various visits and water activities such as canoeing or canyoning, this is a destination camping in the Ardèche that you will surely recommend to your loved ones !

The secret gorges of the Ardèche, or almost…

There are remarkable sites in France that are still unknown to mass tourism. This is the case of the Chassezac gorges, although it is a place of interest that cannot be ignored in the Ardèche. A must-see during your holidays in southern Ardèche, the Chassezac gorges await you for a moment of wonderment near Saint Martin d’Ardèche. Whether you are a lover of white water sports or a contemplative idler, you will fall under the spell of this river, that’s for sure!

decouvrir gorge chassezac

The Chassezac, between nature and water activities

The Chassezac Gorges have existed through the slow erosion of limestone rocks caused by the current since time immemorial. The modern world seems to have spared the area. Along the river, the villages are full of a gentle way of life in perfect harmony with nature, which makes them seem like a paradise on earth. It is precisely in one of them, in Berrias-et-Casteljau in the Ardèche department, that you will be able to stay at the Mazet Plage campsite.

As far as activities are concerned, we can of course mention canoeing and kayaking, but also canyoning or climbing, with numerous spots all along the gorges. Experiences not to be missed during your holidays in the South Ardèche!