City of Aubenas

You wish to discover the South Ardèche region and its symbol, the town of Aubenas ? This is an excellent choice because this town is rich in its exceptional historical heritage. Located at the gateway to the Monts d’Ardèche Regional Nature Park, it is the ideal place to discover the beauty of this region and the Ardèche territory. If you are planning a stay in the camping Mazet Plage in Berrias-et-Casteljau, opt for a visit to Aubenas. It is 37.6 km from this accommodation. The journey takes 41 minutes via the D104. What are you waiting for to get there?

The circuit of the historic centre

Aubenas is a town that proudly displays its architectural gems and its eight buildings classified as historical monuments. To discover the richness of its past, it is advisable to adopt the circuit of the historic centre. This tour will take you to the hotel facades on rue Jourdan, the Castrevieille house, the arches on rue Delichères…

The Castle of Aubenas

Also called Château des Montlaur, this keep has belonged to the town of Aubenas since 1810. In 1943, it was classified as a historical monument. An emblem of the civil architecture of the Ardèche, this building has preserved its Renaissance style thanks to numerous improvements. The twin doors, the tiles, the windows, the turrets… All the details are there to make it an exceptional site.

The Mercurart contemporary art gallery

Aubenas is also synonymous with artistic discoveries for art lovers. During your holiday, you can visit the Mercurart gallery. In this space you can admire contemporary works by several famous artists. In this gallery, you can also take a walk in the garden, which is made up of 300 rose bushes and many other rare plants.

The Delichères House

Listed as a historic monument in 1927, this Gothic-style residence was built in the 15th century. It is composed of four floors with an octagonal turret. On the facades, you can observe several mullioned windows. This building is decorated with gargoyles that represent human or animal figures.

The Aubenas market

It is the ideal place to feel the sweetness of living in the South and to discover the best products of Provence: from fruits to vegetables to fish and flowers. The night version of this market highlights the crafts and creations of local producers. You will find a little bit of everything: leather, beads, fabrics, candles…

The Dôme Saint-Benoît

It is a former chapel built in the 17th century. In 1944, it was classified as a historical monument. This building contains the mausoleum of the marshal and the marshal of Ornano. The gardens of the Dome are also worth visiting, especially in summer. During this season, this atypical setting hosts many concerts.

St. Lawrence Church

Built in the 13th century, it owes its name to the two Jesuit fathers who were killed during the Wars of Religion. This church has undergone several restoration works to be preserved. This is why its façade has been able to retain its neo-Romanesque style over the years.

The Oppidum of Jastres

This plateau which covers the Basse-Ardèche, the Albenassian basin and the Coiron range constitutes a prehistoric habitat. Moreover, traces of this life can be seen through its three ramparts built in different eras. Go for a hike to discover the magnificent panorama that this plateau offers.